WINDICE the casino with Radio!

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Who doesn't like to gamble while listening to good music?

I think most of us here like it and Windice knows it, that's why the Windice Radio event is unique! The only casino I've seen that has live radio. Since 2021 we have radio here in Windice for the English and Russian room and currently in this year 2023 we have radio in the Spanish room yes! You read that right radio in the Spanish room! you can listen to your favorite songs live by ordering them on Windice radio hosted by moderator and broadcaster Kryakrya; I know that he makes a great effort to understand our language. For the Spanish community it is pleasant to bet and have a good time at the same time, so most of us had a great time relaxing listening to our favorite music while betting on the different games offered by the casino.

5 hours listening to good music on WINDICE RADIO, every day you will see moderator and announcer Kryakrya posting the Windice radio link In the rooms: Russian, English and Spanish, with their respective schedules as you can see in the following images.



How to order a song on Windice radio?

you must tag the Kryakrya mod in a chat comment with the link of the song you want to listen to and he's going to confirm you with an Ok that he's taken your order, then he waits for it to play on the 👉 radio and then you tag him again confirming that you've heard it, at that point it will give you a bonus of 100 Wincoins for being active on the radio. (the bonus is only for the first order you order); You can then sort as many songs as you want, as long as there is availability. Anyway, he posts in the chat when he's no longer accepting musical commands. Also, that you can listen to the favorite music of other users, a unique thing in the casino, You can also dedicate songs to your friends and favorite people on the website, I just love this! I had always seen it in the English and Russian rooms but now I see it in our Spanish room and the dynamics are very good. He has improved his Spanish and we were all delighted in the Spanish room, It's an excellent service, I think everything is fantastic! Thank you for brightening our days, on behalf of the entire Spanish community I tell you @kryakrya you are an excellent broadcaster! 🎤🎧

PS: for more information you can go to the publication of the event at this linkРАДИО-windice-radio.1646/
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Having live radio while gambling adds a whole new level of entertainment. It's great that Windice offers this unique experience, especially when different languages are catered to.I prefer to gamble online myself, and having some good tunes in the background can really enhance the experience. It's nice to see casinos thinking outside the box to make the betting experience more enjoyable.If you're looking for a new online casino experience, I recently found a site called that seems pretty decent. It might be worth checking out for some fun games.