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  • "Time brought resignation and a melancholy sweeter than common joy." (Emily Bronte, 1847) book 'Wuthering Heights"
    "What would you have done, when you are proposed in public where such incidents are rare and against of the norms and values of the culture?" (Ps. Can you answer this?)
    "Positive impressions, if one has built, will automatically turn to negative ones for many because of wrong interpretation over personality of those people!" ~Unluckybolte
    "To the most, death is the last destination, and to the rest, immortality after death is last!" .... Immortal people are those who keep behind an art that makes their names forever recall!
    I read a book "The yellow Rain by Julio" it just appealed to all senses of mine. However, it related the happenings that we are facing right now, "Colonialism" as a results I loved reading it :)
    Simplicity, in writing, means much a wider path to transport writer's real meaning to his words to the readers.... Be simple and clear while writing :)
    The author of the book "The Silent Patient" says rightly, "Trust, when lost, it never recovers."

    Be focused what are you doing, whether it is breaking a trust or not!
    Everyone has favorite quotations, same I have one of my favorites! That is "Happiness is a choice, choose it everyday." Allusion.... Nothing more but this quotation does always appeal to my happy senses :)
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