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  • I feel really sad when some users "Post good contents on forum without mistakes and without the break of management" on the other hand, "they have no accuracy of both, in public chats." It seems like both, the poster on forum and the chatter are two different beings! Good luck! I just shared my thoughts and feelings! No offense, please :)
    "Don't wait for the right person to come in your life, create yourself the right one and lights someone's life as a right person for them!"
    So you name it "April Fool Day" that's okay! You have a life to live for yourself! Before you start acting like making one fool, just read these lines! You know, it takes time for a person to build a strong will, if he has shared it with you, then never try making this will "an April Fool thing". Because this will break him from every aspect of life! Good life to all of you :) respect and love
    "Shall thy eyes speak thy soul?
    Or shall thy heart pump emotions,
    Instead of dark and white blood?
    Thus the smile you passed since
    Then the world is ugly!"

    "The oilskin of the house is not for rubbing the skins of strangers." (Thiongo, page 3)
    Author: Ngugi Wa Thiongo
    Book: The River Between
    "The month is to end and soon the year too! Have you wondered what were your achievement in this whole year? Yep yes congrats you are ready up to move on if no please do wonder! It will let your energy boosts up for your upcoming goals and you will, for sure, come up with successfulness." ~Unluckybolte
    "What would you have done, when you are proposed in public where such incidents are rare and against of the norms and values of the culture?" (Ps. Can you answer this?)
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