Who is the best wincoin daily contest player in 2023 so far? Here you will find the answer!


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A hot topic in chat is always the wincoin daily contest. People write about their wincoin balances, strategies, victories and losses but also about which place they are in the top 10 at that moment. A lot of users are fighting for the top positions in the daily contest each and every day. Some people do reach the top 10 a lot of times, others only go for place 1 or 2 to win one of the biggest doge prizes. I guess many wonder who is the best player in the wincoin daily contest and I decided to find the answer!

Last weeks I worked hard to provide you all an answer that is based on facts. I did a research where I checked all wincoin daily contests in the period 1 january- 31 august this year. For this period I wrote down all top 10 winners for each and every day and rewarded them with points based on their placement. A higher place in the top 10 means more points. For the conversion from place to points I used this table:

Place 110 points
Place 29 points
Place 38 points
Place 47 points
Place 56 points
Place 65 points
Place 74 points
Place 83 points
Place 92 points
Place 101 points

After I converted all placements to points I added up all points all players collected in this period to decide who is the best wincoin daily contest player in 2023 (so far). There was a shocking total of 818 different users who took at least 1 time a place in the top 10 during the first 8 months of 2023! Because of this big amount of players I will not be able to post the total standing in this post. I will start by showing you the top 10 players of the daily wincoin contest of the last 8 months with their points.

Top 10 for each month


As you can see in the picture there is one user who collected the most points in 5 out of 8 months and the only player occurring in the top 10 every month this year! Off course there are 4 more months left to decide who will be the absolute best wincoin daily contest player of 2023 but now the moment has come to see how the actual top 50 looks after 31st august.

Total top 50 for the period January-August

top 50.png

Also here I did a check when 2 players have the same total in points and the player with the most wins/2nd/3rd places got placed before another with the same total. All these players are marked with a *.

It seems we have a clear leader at this moment: Don718!! Good work Don! Let's hope you can keep this position!

I also want to mention the following players in the top 50 because they are some of the few that managed to gather points in all months: Don718, Along27, Princessfiona, Fahad78, Renato32, Tgueczr187, Omen87, Brandb, Letsrollandplay, Conflictt and Andressik.

Consistency is key, keep up the good work!

After the leading position it seems that the fight for the top 10 is a close one. A lot of players are near the same amount of points and will have all possibilities to reach the final top 10. I wish everyone lots of luck with the last 4 months of this year and I look forward to see who will be the absolute best wincoin daily contest player of 2023!

If anybody who did not reach the top 50 wants to know their placement then feel free to ask me about your position because I have all information, it's just too much too post.

Ну что же Всем великих побед могу пожелать я!(y)(y)(y)