Success and luck what is the difference?


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Many times I have read the word "luck" in the different rooms of the casino, very rarely the word "Success" and I wonder, What is the true meaning of these two words? How many of you know what the meaning is? I think the vast majority do not know and that is why today I want to tell you about this topic that I find very interesting and educational for the entire Windice community. The word Success has a lot of power in pronouncing it, every time we wish someone success we are wishing that what they are undertaking has prosperity, it is usually a business, a project that with a lot of effort builds a person and wants to see fruitful results, there it is said that the objectives achieved were a success, but success the vast majority of the time is not achieved quickly because there is also failure which is the antonym of success but I would say that failure is part of success.

On the other hand, luck when we wish it to someone is something improvised, it is like attracting a positive vibe to the person we tell you and we hope that vibe is positive and we can say: how lucky you were to win such a thing! but luck has two faces; a positive one that is the one I just described according to my experience and the other side is negative which is when we say we are unlucky, that we are salty as the vast majority of the time I have read in the chats of this casino hehe but why does this happen? Good because you have not set a goal, you have not made a plan to play smartly with gambling, many will say it is not possible, but the reality is that we must put limits because if we do not have a plan to play in these games the vast majority of the time we will lose, it is allowed to fall, but the times you fall you must get up and be in a trial and error in order to reach Success and no longer play your luck, Can you win only with luck? The answer is yes, but the probability is very low if you don't create a plan to win. On the other hand, with a plan you will see medium to long-term results, but you will see the difference and that is the key to success in anything you set your mind to, having a plan.

Now tell me your; What do you prefer luck or success?
I prefer success over luck. Because success usually is a result for achieving ones goal specially if you really worked hard for it. Specially if you gave your hundred percent effort to have a successful result even after having too many downfalls at first. But for luck, it is only by chance so there is no guarantee to this. Meaning, no matter how hard and how many times you try, if good luck is not on your side, then you will lose.
Luck is even divided to two. BAD luck and GOOD luck.

That's it for me.
So instead of me saying goodluck to all of you, I'd rather say 'I hope and pray for everyone's success." 😊😉
Absolute success is luck. Relative success is choices and habits. There is an important insight that follows naturally from this definition: As outcomes become more extreme, the role of luck increases. Lucky people are more likely to notice, create and act on opportunities. They use their gut feeling to make successful decisions. They persevere in the face of failure and take more calculated risks. They work to transform bad luck into good fortune by learning from experiences. myccpay