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    Closed Challenge of Simplicity

    Winners: @Koljascha @pratikbaba @LemaKrone @hamato @runestore @Jonnes91 @Aponix @GreyScale @ranger1011 @LKL131 @den1973 @luizoruivo *Congratulations* The prize will be paid within 24 hours. Thank you for participating. All paid!
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    Closed Challenge of Simplicity

    I just don't want you to change the seed. make bets without changing the seed. matter closed.
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    Closed Challenge of Simplicity

    English please :))
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    Closed Challenge of Simplicity

    Let no one be mistaken, simplicity can only be achieved through hard work. Clarice Lispector Requirements: let's show simplicity and bet with luck. hit the 0.19% on the dice & 999x on the Crash. bets do not have to follow an order or be in sequence. i just want the results. Changing of...
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    Closed Weekly challenge: Day of folklore

    Top!! Good Luck all
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    Hot POLL:New game(s) on Windice? Voice your opinion.

    4 - roulette Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
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    Closed Challenge: Writer's Day

    Greatt !!
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    Closed Rock Day Challenge

    It's Rock day, guys! July is the date that moves any rocker; it's day to put that guitar solo at full volume and enjoy the classics. Feel like a Rocker when you place a bet with that chance. Requirements: Hit 0.08% on Dice with the settings above 👆 Configuration: 1300 • 1307 Changing of...
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    Closed Team vs Team rollhunt contest

    Im wait :)
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    Closed Weekly Challenge: WINDICE GOLD RESERVE

    Good Luck All!!! 🍀🍀
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    Closed Weekly Challenge: TETRIS Game

    GoodLuck. don't waste time complaining, and go play.
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    Closed Weekly Challenge: TETRIS Game

    You may not know, but in June, World Tetris Day is celebrated. Well, this month, the game completed no less than 36 years of life.The most interesting thing is that, even after so long, the game remains alive and popular with people of all ages. To celebrate the date, nothing better than...
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    Closed Weekly Challenge: Happy June