Your hobby?


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Your Hobby?

People sometimes get to be very much free. They are completed with works, jobs, daily routines and even fed up with mobile phones or other electrical devices. In these situations, so many creative hobbies take birth. Like, when one is bored, he plans to go out and explore something new, feel a different environment. What's your routine or favorite activity to do in these circumstances?

I was a person who in his free time thought. My mind was full of creativity, but lacking a sum of money turns those implementable ideas towards death. And yet I think the same to be done. Always being a killer, of my thoughts, seems to be my laziness and getting fed off it! And now whenever I'm free of everything I try to sleep.

Remember one thing, those creative ideas emerged because of being a reading boy! My free time was the time for my collection of books by different authors. Within some like 3 months I did finish 5 books . And now have started a book that yet has not crossed almost the 10th page. Because reading places good ideas and my conditions kill them from the first day. So I stopped reading more of the books! The sleeping is all I have chosen as my hobby now!

Better in all be yours. Do you think the same as I in your free times? What creative hobbies do you have?