You too have a language!


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You too have a language

(Important notice before you read:
It is a short story of my own in Balochi Language, and I have translated it in English for the purpose you understand its worth. The two people to whom I'm having a conversation, they belong to a nation that has its own language. Instead of speaking in that they use a different language which shows the effects of colonialism. It is a satirical piece too for those expressing themselves in any other language while they are having their own!)

While I was moving towards a shop to purchase daily accommodations, two society members have crossed me in hurry. Short in a while, a dog stepped out from its owner's house and stood in front of them. And one spoke among those two,

"Oh know!" (His native language "Balochi" and he spoke in English)

And the second one asked, "Are you afraid of the dog?" (His native language is also "Balochi" but questioned his friend in English)

I felt in a deep thinking that they have a native language which both of them could understand and speak in, so why did they used a language which they are learning! On the other side, I though may they don't know how to speak in "Balochi", (their native language). So for confirmation I asked them a question in Balochi language, "شما بلوچی نزان ات؟ (Don't you know Balochi?)"

Both of them replied together, "We know Balochi!" (I asked them in Balochi language and got the answer from them in English)

Listening their answers, I spoke, later nothing, just laughed "Hahahaha" and left the location!
What can I say, the article is good in general, but I think that everyone has responsibilities regarding the culture, language and history, which should be taken care of and preserved and passed on to the next generation. But these issues should not be taken seriously. Learning another language is not bad, but each one has its place 🤚 :coffee:(y)
Good idea! everyone author or poet give their opinion about thier culture and language, if we talk about modernism' the environment effect on their lives, language, and their culture so now this modern world 🌎
But I recommend everyone must follow their natives language and culture, and should respect all languages and learn and teach each other 🤓