Windice; please add Fight Club

What do you think about it, is Fight Club important or not?

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Windice; please add Fight Club

Windice has been so a well-reputed platform for earner and enjoyers from all walk of life! And everyone day by day hopes for its more success 💗. As a user, I may suggest something that can had a little more taste in chat room. I did gambling in many sites and found a good technique to be implemented in the chatrooms. However, have tried myself to be one doing it in the windice chat.

We sometimes get to see fights among users, and sometimes fun among them in chat. It goes too bad when one does not understand or like the opposite's joke! Here to control them, for having a fight, works the fight club: it should purpose to creating funny fights among users. Like, "Fight Club: Unluckybolte tried to slap Letsrollandplay with his right hand, but he slept on back because of his high anger!" Such talks will not only entertain the users to laugh but add some good relations while users fight themselves!

I, as a user, can just point out Suggestions for its betterment. That is UpTo windice Admin and the user to look afterwards. A good chat does always create good conversations and good conversations build relationships and relationships last forever, but to note a funny relationship will always be the source of happiness 😊.
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i am against to fight in chat however i can not deny sometimes it happens for any reasons . but in total Forgiveness or understanding on one side can solve these problems, which definitely start with something not even worth talking about. From the dimensions of how not to get into these topics, I think that keeping the dignity and the fall and the whole of these topics under control and not relating to minor events can help a lot and give you a better view.