Windice 2023 summary: statistics and winners!


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Windice 2023 summary

We are already 1,5 week on our way in the new year so I think it's time to post a summary of 2023 in Windice. In my eyes Windice is the best crypto casino site on the internet. Not only because of the great community but also because of the variety of different events organised throughout the year. You can read more about them in my event guide. In this post I will show how the contests and challenges went in 2023. Who were the winners in 2023? What was the total prize money? If you continue to read you will find out the answers and why you should join as well in 2024!

Wincoin daily contest winner 2023
One of the most popular contests on Windice is the wincoin daily contest. This contest takes place every single day and under 2023 the total prize money for all winners combined was 219 000!! Wincoins are free to claim from your faucet so everybody has a chance to take a part of this prize money! Some months ago I came up with an idea to rank all players reaching the top 10 by giving them points. You can read more about the method I use in this thread. I have now finished my statistics for last year and here you can see the top 10 players of the wincoin daily contest in 2023:

2023 wincoin contest top 10.png

In total there were 1111 different users who at least made it to the top 10 on one day under 2023. The above players did this regularly and are the top 10 players of the daily wincoin contest in 2023! The absolute wincoin master of 2023 is user @Don718 who had more then double the points of number 2! As you can see both number 1 and number 2 managed to score points in each and every month so consistency seems to be they key to become the master!

Best telegram hunter 2023
Another popular contest which is played with cryptocurrency are the telegram hunts. These hunts are being held 3 times a week, once for each of the following games: crash, dice and plinko. Under 2023 there were a total of 83 telegram hunts: 33 crash hunts, 30 dice hunts and 20 plinko hunts. The total prize money in all of these hunts combined was about $2805!! Even here I came up with an idea to rank the players by making a medal table. Here is the top 10 of telegram hunters during 2023:

2023 TG hunt top 10.png

In total there were 26 different players who made it at least once to the top 3 in a hunt during 2023. Only 4 players managed to win a hunt in all the 3 different games. The best telegram hunter in 2023 is user @letsrollandplay who won a total of 35 out of 83 possible hunts and 50 medals in total!

Forum challenges 2023
For the players who think hunts or contests are too stressful there are also forum challenges organised by Windice. Under 2023 there was a total of 50 forum challenges with a total prize-pool of 0.26 !! Some of those challenges were ranked but in most of them you had to compete a task to win a share of the prize-pool. If you want help how to successfully complete a forum challenge you should read this post.

Top forum poster 2023
There are more ways to win some crypto on Windice. If you keep busting or failing in hunts and/or challenges or just like to write then maybe this contest will work for you. There is a contest each month for the top poster on the forum. Under 2023 there were 12 top poster contests and the total prize-pool of all those contests was 0.06. Even here I did some work to decide who was the best writer on the forum in 2023:

2023 Forum poster top.png

The poster with the most quality content in 2023 was user @Unluckybolte who won the contest in 3 out of 12 months and had a total of 12 points!

2024 will be a new exciting year with many new contests and challenges. As I showed above there is a lot of free cryptocurrency that get handed out in the different prize-pools during the year for those who succeed in the contests and/or challenges. Let's see if the above players can stay at their throne or if new masters will pop up in the different contests during 2024! Come join and let us make 2024 even better than 2023!
Quality post you got here mate! Congrats to all our contest winners!
It's wonderful to hear your positive take on Windice and the crypto casino community. The 2023 summary sounds like a fascinating read, especially for those who enjoy gaming and contests. It's impressive how the wincoin daily contest gained so much popularity and the substantial prize money that was awarded.

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