WINCOIN Daily Contest: A Chance for Everyone!

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The Wincoin Daily Contest is Windice's flagship contest, since the casino created its own token it has managed to keep more customers on the website, that is a very good thing for them as it makes it possible for users with fewer resources to get some crypto by simply competing with the house token and being among the top 10 best contestants you can earn cryptocurrencies in exchange, in this case the cryptocurrency Dogecoin, popularly known as "memecoin" due to the history behind this coin.

The dynamic is about getting wincoins the casino token, Windice offers you the token through the faucet and store, in addition to rains, tips, roll hunts, trivia and this is possible only by participating in the various rooms of the casino, you can participate in any room as long as you know the language or are proficient so you don't look like you want to be alone to catch the wincoins. (you must socialize); it should be noted that only administrators and moderators have access to this Token, that is to say: they are the only ones who can make rains, tips and games in the chat to all the users who are active in the chat.


For Windice anyone can win the Wincoin Daily Contest, you just have to upload the tokens you get throughout the day, the more tokens you have, the more chances you have to earn a good Dogecoins spot. If you lose them, you automatically get out of the competition. (The system is automated).
You can play them in the original Windice games, with the exception of the Wheel: Here you can only play with the trading cryptocurrencies that are legally on the site, which are: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Binance Coin, Tron y Tether. (but that's another topic.)

As everyone can participate, there are many fraudulent accounts participating in the daily contest and getting prizes in Dogecoins, which annoys the other players on the website. Since these appear just as the contest is ending, taking away the possibility of winning more Dogecoins from loyal users.
These are some of the annoyances of most users that can be observed day by day on the website and the moderator @Anniegio of the Spanish room of Windice has told them that fraudulent accounts, no matter how much they participate in the contest, are banned, They are usually level 1 although not all levels 1 in the contest are fraud. There is a team checking on a case-by-case basis.


In an informal interview with moderator Anniegio, I asked her more about the topic at hand and this is what he responded in the following dialogue on October 28, 2023:


But can't those accounts withdraw that Windice balance?


"I'm sending you the message I usually say when this is discussed in the chat:

The same security measures that protect our accounts apply to all users. Fraudulent users get banned, they don't get the prize, but no one touches their balance. Those accounts are banned as soon as possible. For now it is the only solution because the solution is being developed and it is not easy. There is a team of 15 people working 24 hours a day for this cause."

She further added that the Windice team is really working on that and that he is no stranger to user annoyances and the solution is being sought, but it is not easy to develop because of all that it implies as a casino in which real money is handled.

As you can see, there is a solution on the way to this problem which has created annoyances for players who compete day-to-day in the Wincoins Daily Contest. There's really a big positive change in the contest, because you can see that you have gone from having a lot of accounts created on the same day to having 0 or 1 at least in the contest and that change has been noticed, the great effort made by the Windice team has been noticed.

I thank Moderator Anniegio for her time and for answering my questions for my article.

With this one I say goodbye: Windicers there is a chance for everyone! 🍀