Why to be active in Chat? (2.0)

Do you love Windice chatrooms?

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Why to be active in Chat? (2.0)

Hi my lovely and charming friends! Close your eyes I'm doing something special, lol wait, don't close them. Because you won't be able to read my thread afterwards!

You all are almost happy with the system of Windice! I'm happy too :) have you ever wondered why chat is important? I guess yes and I guess many of you did not even bothered your mind about it hahaha! One minute silence and clapping for those who are still unaware of this amazing treasure "Chat".

Don't worry, I'm not gonna make you bored with lots of talks in this thread as I had in previous"Why to join chatrooms" almost some months before! I'm just trying to share a recent incident that made me and my fellows happy in the chat!

It had happened in last month, was totally busy, so could not develop the thread! And now having some good moments, as a result, I'm crafting this for you all! I was chatting actively at early morning almost 6am! As being an active chatter, Windice bot felt I shall get a share of rain, so I got 0.09562189 xrp. Remember I was playing 2 doges at the moment and busted! I set a payout of 11.11111111x in dice and maxed all xrp on that 🎲. Fortunately, I got my bet green and the win was of +1 xrp! I already mentioned it was early morning, I slept again! And woke up for my university classes! Remember, toilet is the best place to think creative stuff! I was sitting in my home's toilet, bored enough hahaha 🤣! So the only happy place I could feel was "Windice Chat" I opened it, started chatting! Two users @Sv13rby and @BrandB were active, both are amazing fellows in Windice! I asked Brandb "What game should I play, I have 1 xrp". He laughed to create fun and told any game I would love to play! Just before the morning, at night, Brandb was playing Plinko and he got almost some like 2 1000x. 13by, my supposed name for Sv13rby, tagged me and said "Play Plinko, it will definitely give you a 1000x as BrandB has gotten several times."

I laughed and replied, "plinko was good till the end of the plinko weekly challenge."

"Haha same here and I still love it, but try, I believe you can get it." Sv13rby.

I responded with an agree to his words! And started trying plinko! I could not believe! I luckily got some 9x and 2 26x while playing 0.05 xrp per bet. That brought me some more bets! Almost within 100 bets I got 1000x and the profit was of 50 XRP! Wow, that is cool nah!


I shared some to my friends, 13rby and Brandb asked whether a miracle happened! I said about the happening that they had been talking of haha! When I mentioned 1000x so they were too much glad and all the users were happy because I was to share something in shape of rain and I did!

All at the end! I got profit, because I was active in chat! I got 1000x because I was suggested by 13by the game in the chatroom! And I was glad because all those who were active in chat were Happy to see this amazing win 😁😁

Now tell! What do you think? Is not it important to be active in Chat? And be an active chatter? I am sure it is!