Who you wanna meet?


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Who you wanna meet?

Hello 👋 All, hope the days are working smoothly for your gambles! This thread is not gonna be anything worth, but may have some wishes within Itself! We, as a Windice community, get interactions with so many people of different nationality! I know it is hard, but who will you wanna meet whenever you get a chance to meet any of the user from windice? And why?

I don't have any specific desire to meet just one person, but most of the windice users! Because I have received lots of love, respects and helps from most of the users :) cannot ignore a single moment happiness that has brought me more into the site! I wish to meet all of these users who understand me, try to meet me and have strong desire to see my face 👀👀 hahaha !

Let's see what will your desire be of meeting any particular user or a bundle of users like me! Haha 😅 you may comment down the names and reason why!

Let's spread love and respect for everyone around :)