Who controls the controllers?


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[Premise: this post is in no way intended to question the role of moderators or their authority. It's just a starting point to exchange opinions]

This of windice is a community, and like all places where many people live together, it is necessary that there are rules to be respected to live happily all together.
Where there are rules, it is right that there are those who enforce them (the moderators), who have the task of maintaining order, like the police do in the streets. But a chat should also be a place where everyone can express their ideas (avoiding swear words and arguments)
However, if the rules are precise, it is easy to enforce them precisely.
But in the face of very general rules, since everyone can make mistakes, there is no risk that the moderators can excessively use their power?
Is it legitimate for a player to challenge - politely - the moderators' work, or is their role such that it is enough to disagree to receive sanctions?
Obviously it is difficult to establish a limit up to which it is legitimate to express oneself and the one beyond which one can be sanctioned. But what do you think the border should be?

How - according to you - should the "Our team has the right to block anyone in the chat, based on reasonable belief that such a measure may maintain a pleasant atmosphere in chat" rule be interpreted and intended?
To put the context in place lets imagine if in world there are no signals on the road then you know what will happen. Entire chaos or infact nobody will be able to reach to their destined place ever.

Moderators are those signals which help users to guide and ensure rules are bestowed in placed which Windice have laid. I have seen moderators welcoming new joiners. guiding them to the rules of chat and helping them to clear all their doubts with whole heartedly.

If users do not follow rules and always breaks it then moderators do make them understand about a certain dignity/language to be followed so that all feels respected and nobody's sentiments in anyway get hurts. But if certain users continue their behavior without any change then action has to be followed by moderator which is muting them for some hours/days depending on the circumstance and intensity at which the rules have being broken.

Also, I will suggest to all experienced or even new users to guide others if they are breaking rules or if they are new they might be unaware. This will make moderators life a bit easy as they cannot monitor it 24 hours as well this is our community too. So lets build it together with help of moderators so that we also enjoy our each second spent at Windice at best and create a beautiful memories.

!! Happy Windice !!
moderators are hired based on their ability to maintain that "pleasant atmosphere" and they are using their judgement to determine if the player is within or beyond the borders of the rules of the site
of course , we are all human and are prone to mistakes and errors , that is why windice team is monitoring their performance and if mods are not doing their job well , they are substituted