Where are Unluckybolte's threads?


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Where are Unluckybolte's threads?


Hi everyone 👋 hope you are doing amazing these days... Having fun in windice and as well as in your own outer world. This thread is purposed to telling my friends about a slowdown of threads flow from me! My papers were expected to get started on 22nd of May, Means today, later the notification pushed it, while I started preparing my papers in advance to get fully ready, another notification told Papers are postponed! With this news, my preparations paused!

Not more than 5 days, we got a new notification!

Hahaha the culture of notification is bad because of this trolling hahaha!

That expressed the expected dates for the papers which were highlighted in first notification.

It got me in trouble because within these 5 days I could prepare my toughest papers. Not only on forum, but in windice I'm a little active! Still I feel my papers are not fully prepared!

And exams are starting from tomorrow (23rd of May) so means completely lost! But don't worry, will be greeting you all in English Chat and do a little posting in general sections... Post does not matter in what section that is, all matters is he quality in it :)

Grateful to you all for undertaker my situations. Till I'm here, you will find me as a regular poster on forum don't worry guys :) hope my papers go perfectly :)

See you soon after 31st of May for amazing posts on Windice. Because we are on mission to discover hidden treasures of Windice 😁 😁😁 peace 🕊️🕊️.....