Wheel with the Windice!


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The Ferris wheel in Windice is unique in that it does not resemble any wheel from another casino, This Wheel has the particularity that you can play totally live with anyone who is part of the Windice community and is that the game is very simple, you just have to have balance in any cryptocurrency accepted in Windice such as: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Binance coin, Tron and Tether.

How to play?

This game is about buying tickets to be able to enter the game and must be done before the counter ends, as shown in this image.


This indicates the time you have to enter the game, you can buy the tickets you want, the more tickets you buy, the more chances you have of winning, after time runs out the Wheel begins to rotate around the participants who entered the game, it will stop at some random player, but keep in mind that the probability will be tilted to the player who has the most tickets.

What is the percentage of the house?

Unlike other sites, Windice offers the lowest percentage, barely 2% while others have 3 or 4% This means that you are more likely to win more money and lose less in a given period.

How many is the maximum number of tickets that can be purchased?

The maximum number of tickets you can buy is 100,000

Is the game fair?

All Windice games are probably fair as it uses the provably fair algorithm, this algorithm helps players to verify their bets and the fairness of the results of such bets, this makes players more confident when playing at an online casino and this is a totally transparent and fair program.

The best thing about this game is that you can invite your friends and play totally live and have fun seeing who wins the most. I leave you some images of how the game looks in function.

wheel con amigos.png
Winbtc 2 Wheel.png

PS: I like it when I win haha but if it is between friends better. 🤭

Well explained, i like it. Good job quide! :)
Personally i want add myself: There is a trap from this game always countdown will end, before bet and win or lose big own money.

But more fun :p

Have a nice day/night!