What's happening with the price of Bitcoin?

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In a recent interview Cathie Wood, the CEO of the Ark Invest Investment Fund, explained that currently the price of Bitcoin is lateralizing within a price range, this because the statements of the Federal Reserve on Wednesday, March 22 were somewhat confusing and they did not make it clear if this was the last rise in interest rates since on the one hand Jerome Powell recognized the serious problems of the Banking System, but on the other hand, he also said that it is necessary to continue raising interest rates, Which is not logical since continuing along this path will cause a generalized bank failure.

In addition, Cathie Wood mentioned that Moody's; one of the most important rating agencies in the United States, which is responsible for establishing the capacity of banks to pay their debt; I declare on Thursday, March 23, that the banking crisis cannot be contained. So Cathie Wood believes that even if Bitcoin has some setbacks in its price, these alone will be temporary, as institutional investors will start injecting a large amount of capital into crypto assets over the next few months.
As per your analysis where are we heading towards -

1) Will the recession hit the world or are we in recession?
2) If recession continues in case we are in that phase will bitcoin price rise or decline?
3) Comparing gold with bitcoin, in last 2 years gold has outbeaten bitcoin so will it continue ?
It's not according to my analysis, it's according to Cathie Wood's analysis. Just write the news, I'm not a financial advisor.