What you like in Windice?


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What you like in Windice?

Everyone knows windice has been playing a great role for online earnings. It happens sometimes we get sad because of red strikes in our gambling but most of the time we miss big hits because of our own mistakes. We never choose big multiplier and later they are missed, however, then all regret why we did not do it!

Leave the above talk aside first! This thread purposes to know what you like the most in windice? Your choice of liking can be anything! I'm adding my downward! The platform is too much big, many of us are in really good profit, many are suffering because of making mistakes and others are striving for making good results....! In all occasions, one really love or like something in this platform!

I love/like, when the green line animates to inform me that I have received a tip and rain. That feeling is really everlasting for me :)

Now tell what is your favorite; likeable thing in windice?