What moment you consider happy moment?


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What moment you consider happy moment?

Hello all the family of amazing platform πŸ’•πŸ’• how are you doing? Hope my this short greeting and later a discussion on happy moment find you awesome 😎 :) this thread is specifically purposed sharing what moment do you consider happy moment?

I'm a student in University and have been doing well with my academic activities. Just yesterday, probably here it was 10:10pm I completed my assignment after giving it 30-35 days. Everything was going very well and @BadLuckKing was just sitting aside.

My lecturer asked for naming assignment files on our names so that it be easy to go through! I was glad that my assignment was written completely just before an hour for the deadline! I renamed it and saw the file got corrupted! At this point, my heart as if burnt insider and my mind paralyzed! I was thinking internally what had happened how shall I recover them and how could I start a new assignment to do it within 50 minutes while this took almost more than a month!

My cousin, name mentioned above, tried to solve my issue through exploring tacctics from YouTube for the purpose and I tried several other sources! Getting it not recovered, I just starting feeling panic! Because it was for our sessional marks haha and marks are important while studying in University!

I called my friend through WhatsApp, he just said "Chill, you are gonna get it recovered, don't worry!" His words were the source to stop my overthinking! He asked for renaming it to "Assignment.docx" I had already did it, but because of being in tension I misspelled it in written alphabets, instead I wrote "Assignment.doxc". The "c" and "x" were misplaced! Haha after rectifying them, I got my file opened and everything was okay!

This was the bombastic moment for my happiness! Badlluckking could see me blushing because of the recovery! I was to fly as high as the world could stop through its gravity! I was super (Wiiiii as per @Anniegio ) happy πŸ˜„ that was the real "Happy Moment" For me I have ever experiment!

So for you, what was your "Happy Moment"?