What is the actual meaning of love?


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Love is the only thing that makes two different soul together and gives them happiness in shape of a newly born baby. The world is made with love of people and it can develop through love, majority of the countries are developed due to true love of the citizens with each other and helping them in each regard. I want to clear that why our Pakistan is not getting developed! The reasons are mentioned below.

Our citizens are not happy with each other in Pakistan. One person likes to live an environment of religion, one likes to live in the places where the relaxation could make them happy and one of the Pakistanis loves to live a loving life where people should get attracted and love them. There are many disturbances between these three kinds of people who live in Pakistan. The disturbances between them is that they don't want each others environment, but they live in a same country where one needs to follow second one's nature, this will create a war between them and everyone tries to be the most superior person then two remaining, this is one reason of not development.

Additionally, there is another kind of person in three of them that loves a girl for his life partner, and this create disturbances in both genders educational life, family life and in friendship life. A great person said," Education is the source of development of a country". But the both genders are being ruined due to there unusual love which ends after having physical love. One third of the lovers are fake lovers in Pakistan, they want to have physical love and if there love get broke-up after the physical love, then the girl would be killed because of not bleeding first night of her marriage A 17 years old girl was killed recently in Pakistan, because of not bleeding first night of her marriage by her own husband.

Another personality said," If you love someone, you will never try to hurt him/her". But in Pakistan, love is only the name of hurting. If the girl ignores to have physical love, the boy will start to say you don't love me. What love is is not clear to the Pakistanis, even love is not to be said time and again that I'm in love, I'm in love and I'm in love. By saying this statement you won't be in true love. My cousin is like so. It is his age to get education and go for completing his dreams for what he worked as a labour, he wants to be an artist. But the love can stop him.

"The love of boat is like something which takes a person and leave him in the middle of ocean". Said by Sabir Baloch. Here he is trying to say that there are two kinds of love fake love and real love. In our country even in our province, people are in fake love. Who go at the middle of life and do breakup.

Finally, the Pakistanis are suffering from the problems of love who always leave their lover when they have sex, sometimes they kill the girls and sometimes they leave at half way for making her in deep troubles. Don't take love an easy game for playing, love is like a lightening for one's life. It brights two bodies and joins two different families into one happy family.
Love means, care for the self, when one cares self, he/she definitely cares for everyone and then the love lives forever with its own standard meaning 💓