what is Déjà vu : deja vu

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In the series of interesting content that I search, this time I decided to write about deja vu
What does having déjà vu mean?
Have you ever had the sense that you've done something or gone through a new situation before? Does it seem like you know what's going to happen next? That feeling is often described as déjà vu. The saying comes from French, meaning "already seen."

This is very interesting. Sometimes you may see this in a dream and then it happens to you when you wake up, or it happens back and forth or vice versa in reality, then you see it in a dream and both of them happened in reality. 🥴 I am sure that each of you has experienced this at least once
Is déjà vu a warning?

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Deja vu occurs without any warning. It is both a surprise and a shock. Moreover, it is a hint that things have gone out of sync from your brain and it requires rest for a nice amount of time. There are many causes of Deja vu like the inability to pay attention and insomnia.
i hope this was useful and helpful topic .