Weekly challenge contest on Windice Forum (Read Requirements)

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The weekly Windice challenge is one of the most anticipated challenges of the week, Many of the players are waiting for Monday to see what the new challenge will be. But, you must know something very important guys, they must know how to read the requirements well so that they can be chosen among the winners and can share the prize fund of 0.0052 BTC among all those who complete the challenge, but I must emphasize that the challenge is also shared among 10 of the best competitors That is, I have seen that the challenge is a week sharing the prize fund among all those who complete the challenge and the next week among the top 10 According to the requirements they ask, for example: This week the contest is about matching the number 118x but in the bet id it must contain at least 3 letters of the word CREAMSICLE DAY, that is, it does not matter how many bets you publish as long as they have at least 3 letters of the aforementioned word and of course complete the

In addition, you do not need a specific order, that is: the game is like a puzzle that you must put together and at the same time you have fun. Here I leave the image of the requirements that are important to meet for any of the challenges here, So that they do not have any inconvenience when participating and enjoy the challenge of the week led by moderator @mowmow in this opportunity. 👉 https://forum.windice.io/threads/creamsicle-day-weekly-contest-0-0052btc-prize-pool.4086/


It is very important that you do not save the bets because you will have problems to then publish them here. Just as it is important that you see the minimum amount of the bet which is another important requirement, it does not matter if you run out of balance in the Doge cryptocurrency, you can continue with crypto, BTC, LTC, TRX, BNB among others.


As well as it is important to use only one account per person, Having at least 5 posts in the forum and other things that say it in all challenges but that are largely overlooked. I hope this post helps many. ☺️
Woww nena gracias a toda esa info qué me diste logré despejar muchas dudas, de verdad gracias por tu ayuda y por tomarte el tiempo🤗🤗🌹