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Volunteer Moderator!

Hello all, welcome back to my another thread with some more quest! I'm Unluckybolte as you already know and am a regular poetry poster here. My today's discussion is a little more than a poetry. It is about volunteering as a moderator. Let's talk about this initiative.

We have well-qualified Moderators here in windice chatrooms who control users and solve their issues. I have found so many of the users talking rudely to moderators, that is all my purpose behind writing this piece. Choose volunteer Moderator among users to control chats for 10 minutes at least and let them know how hard it is and what the moderators need to do!

It will not only increase the knowledge of users in chatrooms but create funs among them as moderators. I am sure that most of the users want to be moderators of the chats, while they have not been in the job. This volunteery as a moderator can make them experienced in the respective field. However, to note, when user wants to apply for moderator jobs they, other sites or may this in Future, do ask for experience.

Further, this small duration of giving chance should be fixed under usable parameters that it must not harm anyone in the chat. Admin can make the choice how much power of moderator he can offer to the volunteers and accordingly instruct them. What I'm purpose most, we people search for online jobs, such as this, its experience and handling knowledge make it easy to further have more chances to become moderator here or in other places. :)

I hope the idea be liked by the users and concerned authorities. Just be it or more implementable in some senses. Mods better know how will it be :)

Let's be initiatives and bring the Change in the world of gambling!