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Winding is a large community of different background holders under a single roof. It is said, the psyche and knowledge vary from language to language, in fact, a multilingual person has more comprehensive power than the other who is bilingual or monolingual. I'm pretty sure that users in English chat are not naive English speakers. They belong to different areas of the world who might have Persian language, Hindi language, Urdu language, Balochi language, Sindhi language or any other than these mentioned. As a result, they use English language and the method of conversation as per the lingual power they have. It sometimes create misunderstandings and fight against the other users.

This post is open in reply section to add any of the fights you have witness while chatting in the chat rooms. Let's know who are the fighters in public, I'm pretty sure it relaxes both of them who unconsciously might had bad thinking about one another...!
I'm trying to be normal with everyone... But the people react as if I'm to fight with them! BrandB, is a user against of me! I guess I have not did anything wrong and been a good person to him! But what caused a distance between us is yet an illusion from what we both are suffering. I'm even forbidden by him to not tag him in any chat or dm him! And I'm following the words of him. Have not been tagging him though :)

Hope everyone understands and live Happily 😇💗🥰