Union is strength 💪


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The king has seven brothers and a sprawling garden. The king kept a hardworking farmer as a servant. and the farmer has five sons, the first of which is very obstinate and elder, followed by the other four, devoted farmer who works for the king's garden and his elder son who works for home and goes to the jungle to collect wood. Then, one day, the farmer became very ill, and the king needed him as well, so the king sent a message to the devoted farmer via soldier. The farmer will then persuade his elder son to accompany the soldier, and when they arrive, the king will inquire about his farmer father, to which he will respond, "the father is very sick," and he will dispatch me to work.
The farmer then becomes very ill, and his elder son is very concerned about his father; while working in the field, he is thinking about his family; at the same time, the king's younger brother comes to ask about his father and annoy him; farmer son is obstinate and can't control himself; and they fight, and the king's younger brother is accidentally killed by him. So he ran to his home, and when the king heard about his younger brother, he was shocked. On the other hand, the farmer's son was very confused, so he decided to leave home with his family, and they ran away from home village to village for five days.And the king and his brothers go in search of the farmer's family, and one night the farmer's family stays at an old man's home in the jungle, and they ask for something because they are hungry, and the old man brings a bag of dates, which the farmer's elder son accepts. Then search shrank dates for himself, then send good dates to his young brother, so the young brother takes shrank dates and sends them to the farmer, and so on until the farmer sends good dates to the farmer, at which point they take shrank dates and leave good dates. They leave the old man's home early in the morning and leave all nearby villages.
Another night the king come with his brothers in same old man's home they ask to old man about the farmer with son, and old man reply first to king I guess you are starving let me give you dates then I will say," then king say okey.
Old man brings the same bag of dates and gives it to the king; the king opens the bags and sees all good and shrank dates; he takes good dates and gives them to his younger brother; they fight for dates; they take good dates and leave all shrank dates; after all, the king asks the old man about the farmer's family, and the old man replies, "You never reach them because they are very union; union is strength."
Then the king asks why they can't be reached, and the old man says, "They stayed here last night, and I gave them this bag of dates," and the elder brother takes all the shrank dates and sends good dates to the younger brother, and they leave good dates because they love each other and can do everything for themselves. and you are not a union. When the king heard these words from the old man. Then he decided to return home rather than continue his search for the farmer family