Unbelievable odds


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So my wife and I live in Hot Springs Arkansas. Just a couple blocks from the casino. Well I mean to tell ya best night out the two of us have had since we moved here 8+yrs ago. One night we were sitting round the house bored to the core. Broke had six dollars to my name. But like I said bored we decided to walk over to the casino and spend 3 a piece in penny slots.
I walk up to the first machine which I set at cause a lady just got up from the machine. Well guys 1st spin hit 80$bucks and I looked around for my wife. After I found her I seen she was up to 32$bucks so I didn’t mention mine I didn’t even make contact saw she was still playing so I went right to the high roller section. Sit down at the fanciest dollar machine in there. Stuck my ticket in it was 6$bucks a spin to be eligible for the bonus so I bet 6$buck first spin nothing second same third spin bonus boom whoop whoop hit for 2800$bucks whoop whoop went straight to cash out found my wife and we had one of the funnest nights together ever. I can not remember a time when we were so happy together out and about . True story
Wow that was a great win you had, not only in money, but with an everlasting moment with your wife :) have so much blessings in your life ahead :)
Thank you It truly was a memorable night and we ended leaving the casino with 3700$ after we got out 400 apiece and played for around 7hrs she would hit something then I would and we just laughed and laughed oh it was magical