Twitter Giveaway 😁


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Twitter Giveaway 😁

Hi guys, how are you amazing people doing? Hopefully cherishing your wins and getting lots of weighty love πŸ’–πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜!
How many of you are using twitters? Okay none so closing this thread bye bye πŸ‘‹... Hahaha! Was kidding! I'm just telling you amazing thing today! Windice has always been a great source of earning and secret gifts! Gifts when one wins the giveaways or contest is shared in the public chat!

Let's know what is Twitter Giveaway?

Like every amazing weekly events, it is another joyful and beneficial giveaway, where you need not to do nothing big, just install the app "Twitter", follow "Windice" there and then do some easy task to get free participation in the giveaway! It needs no level requirements, no wager requirements neither the joining of Twitter nor Windice! Seriously, a cheap way to participate in the giveaway to get a win chance of more than 4$ or 5$. Sounds well yeah :)

How can you find windice page on Twitter?

The very easy way is to find it, go in home page, wait for an advertisement circulating about Twitter! As shown in the picture!

Prizes On Twitter!

Click on it and then join the page!

Tasks are easy ones!

1)Follow Windice, Only once!
2) You need to retweet the giveaway announcement....
3) Add a reply while tagging a Twitter user in comment section!

Nothing else you need to do, just want till the giveaway is rolled by using twitter auto-selecting winners! Hope all those who are unaware of it, start participating and get great giveaways! Best wishes guys!