Truth: Why I left Joining Anonnep's Trivia, hunt and train games?


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Truth: Why I left Joining Anonnep's Trivia, hunt and train games?

I guess it is long, as everyone is witnessing that I'm not joining Anonnep's hunt, trivia and train games! Do you know why? Because He did a blunder while running his train game.. he chose me for the next participant, I just asked who chose me? He left me and selected another user, when I asked about this instance shift, he didn't answer me... Later when I discussed, I was blamed, because they said you were mistakenly chosen, but I reviewed the chat and found the next participant was not choose by anyone of the previous players! Despite knowing it, all the burdens I kept on my heart and beared everything ongoing! Such misconception and the lead for authorities do have no negative impacts to others, but these vanish the efforts and a good relation one is having!

Not always authorities choose the best! They are human and makes mistake so better for the authority to agree their faults and bring reforms in them instead of accusing the simple users like me! Peaceful be you all!

And the same has happened just last night in selection of top poster of the month! Feeling shame on myself that I, despite being busy with my academic studies, put all my efforts here! Indeed my exams were also ongoing!!!!

Thanks for this strange authority!