"Trivia Tournament; another initiative"


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We are delighted to have you among us, especially, if you are new. We all are eagerly awaiting the chance to be more familiar. We have come together today to have fun, and we know that everyone will have a great day.

Due to a recent development in windice, you're about to read something lovely.
Please wait; I know you want to know what this tournament entails. How will it proceed?

Please trust that I will tell you everything about it. Yes, there will be prizes for the winners of this trivia tournament


Yes, everything you heard is accurate!

first-time mod Synyster is going to hold a trivia tournament!

About his triva competition last night, he revealed something fresh to us. "I am talking about the tournament that I am going to start from Monday, the biggest winners of the weekly trivia". he told to @mirchaka777.

Mod @Synyster told @mirchaka777 more information, "I will start on Monday and finish on Saturday. And whoever wins the more trivia in numbers, during the week, will receive a prize. I think 5$ prize good to start:)".

@Dewayne then inquired from moderator @Synyster about the starting time of the trivia session because it was running late for us. "I will do trivia in the morning evening and night, this way there will be more chances for everyone to participate:) I hope, It will be the first... We gradually discover best way to improve :)".

I then asked him a different question.
I questioned where you would publish if someone was winning the weekly trivia competition with the most correct answers and points.

In order to find out who is in first place he told the statement, "Rank information will not be reported".
finally, he gave me a recommendation.

"Well, your main concern should be @onipeid hahahahaha after him, there are a few more.. but the main one is, for sure, who can answer more trivias
@AdoAdo, @mirchaka777, @Nimair, along with some others".
The quote marks above all of the aforementioned word from mod @Synyster.

Thank you, moderator Synyster, for your ongoing efforts to improve users experience.
thanks windice 😊
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Finally first ever trivia tournament ended on Saturday there were 71 participated,
There are 351 total points.
@onipied = 40 points winner of the weekly trivia tournament placed 1st.
@Duijf88 = 26 and 3rd @Sv13rby 23.