Tribute: You Are The Real Heroes


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Here is just a tribute through some poetic lines for the woman moderators and users :) 8th of March is celebrated for unconditional love and respect that women of the world deserves for their sacrifices. On every hardship there stands a female to sort out a solution! There is a home bright early in the morning, because a woman half-sleep wakes up before every other member is fine with their sleep!

You are the umbrella in the time while rain is raining hard,
You are the umbrella while sun is burning harshly,
You are a candle that enlightens a corner of the world,
You are a pen writing successful paths for your partners,
You are the knowledge deriving your children towards righteous directions,
You are a roof of safety to every problem arising,
Despite all these, you bear the pain, and pretend to be happy,
You get tired; but smile, as bright as a moon on its 14th night!
You keep dying slowly inside, and seem to be alive for giving life to the surrounding!
People speak, that is because of emotions and words,
And the combo is a blessing you have given us!
Indeed, we are empty bodies, and you the soul giving us motions :)

I have a lot to speak! But the words cannot define the characters of you all, the women! All that I can do is just "Pray for your love, power, patience and safety"!

Happy Women's day to all of you :)