Trend of roll hunts and English chatroom


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Trend of rollhunt and English chatroom

Hi guys, how are you all doing? I guess all are millionaires these days! If not, so going to be millionaires soon, I hope!

This piece of writing is an appreciation for the enthusiastic works the moderators in English chatroom! I'm a user since 2021, and have been chatting with friends in English and Portuguese chatrooms. I could hardly find a rollhunt happening in the chat, that made rooms quite silenced until a Trivia or rains started! But to note, it is almost 2 or a little more than 2 months, we are able to see the moderators doing amazing hunts in the chatrooms. It not only brought a rush in chatrooms but a great number of new users in windice too!

The hunts are of, mostly, crypto, and users in a gambling site does prefer crypto their priority. @siopaw @helena214 @mowmow have different timing for their hunts that means full day to night enjoyment within the chatrooms and winning too hahaha 🤣🤣. @anonnep has started a new game a type of roll hunt, called boxing game. That is explained by Letsrollandplay amazing in his thread! However, the train game was explained by me in one of my threads last month, which was trending more in last few months! Still that stands on high demands!

Overall, windice's efforts in maintaining a good community is wholeheartedly appreciated! We don't, or may we want an earning, it is for sure we too want a good moment in the windice :) and that is being gotten buddies 😉😂