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This word is defined as the action of achieving an objective or goal immorally, It generally refers to non-compliance with the rules to gain some advantage in a competitive situation.
Regarding the post of moderator Mowmow calling attention to all of us players of this casino, I want to give my humble opinion and with all respect as a Windice player, This time I agree with her since I have been in this casino for a long time and in fact I saw at that time a post written by the remembered and respected former moderator Furlicious; In 2019 I publish some users who were added to the blacklist for cheating and those users scratched their file here for wanting to use his cunning on the site. So I think it's very good and just what she says in her post, and my recommendation is that we pay attention, because the casino has a betting verification system where you can see the transparency of the game.
Everything that can be checked and checked is good for both the casino and us customers. So if we cheat with what right can we go to claim them to the casino later?
It is best to play fair in everything we do and thus avoid future problems on the website. It is useless to deceive us, that is neither moral nor ethical. Let's always play clean and not only in this digital world but in our daily lives, Let us always be upright and the best will come to us knowing that we achieve something by our effort and dedication and not because we use some trick to achieve it.​
Боюсь это не у всех получается:плакать: