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Top Poster Contest 😱


Hi everyone, how are you all doing with your gambling and real life? Hope in both sides, you are meeting success and unconditional happiness. What have you gotten from the title of this thread? Or are you already familiar? If yes so why there are no more than 5-6 competitors for this contest! Hahahaah! Not my cup of tea, but I can suggest join and get a chance to win some BTC 😉😉😉😆.

Okay! Let me tell what is it first! Top Poster of the month is a contest, here uses need to be too much active in positing qualitative threads on the forum in order to be top 3 posters of the month. Let's know how can you post and what can you post in the forum in order to win :) never forget the prizes are high enough he he 😜😜😜 0.005 btc in divided on 3 winners... 1st winner will get 0.0025 btc, 2nd will get 0.0015 btc and the 3rd will get 0.001 btc... As shown in the post of mod Veleten, picture is attached!

What does this need and how can you participate in it?
It needs just a commitment for writing regularly on forum and the participation is easy! I know many of the users wonder where to post and what to post! Let me guide you posting patterns and the topics related!

Step 1:

Search for the forum page in your home screen! As the picture attached and click on it!

Once you are done with it! Then let's go ahead he he 😁

Step 2:
find the thunder's ⚡icon in the forum challenge page and click on it! As the icon is affixed! The thunder's or lightning's icon is next to bell 🔔 icon!

Whenever you click this, you will get a new page opened! That will be the step three in the pressure :) 😜

Step 3:
Here you need to click on 'New post" that is kept aside of What's new... As shown in the picture and downsides are the posts! You can see my post there on Shakespeare's theme hahaha 🤣! What can I do, I can write on such topic because that is my field of study hahaha 😂! Look at the SS attached!

When you click on "new posts" another page opens! Let's see what is there!

Step 4:
After step 3 you are moving towards creation of your own post on forum! There you will get an option of "Post thread" means posting of your post! Click on that as mentioned in yellow background on up and right corner! As the picture is attached!

After clicking this option, you need to choose on what topic are you writing your thread!! That is the next step we need to move on!

Step 5:
After clicking the "Post thread" you are given some options on what you are gonna post your thread! Remember, you need to be selective here! If the post you have written is on pricing, so post it on the section of price discussion, similar if that is about windice discussion, so select "Windice Discussion. You can find this thread on Windice Discussion! See the picture attached with!


See the beauty, you are given a free will to choose any of the languages used in the windice! After selecting your section the thread, only two more step remain, except writing your piece! Which are discussed in the next step buddy!

Step 6:
You need to write the title of the piece on the title section and the main body on its discussion! Be careful of this hahaha! For title the section "Headline" is given as shown!

And there are 2 more sections, one is discussion where you put all your points and the second is voting poll! You can add questions and know whether other users agree or disagree on the statement you put! As shown downward 👇👇⬇️

At the very end you will just get an option to post the thread, click on it and let the thread be public as this is!

However! The other thing, you need to be very much sincere with this work! Don't be procrastinator, be on time to post yours! Remember, not the quantity but the quality of your post depends in making you the winner! Choose the most current and effective topics circulating and get more chances to win! Topics you can better find! Study, have observations and then write your own wordings in forum! Remember one thing, copying is forbidden! Let that be your own wordings! No matter tough or simple like mine! You can be the winner, because I was once the 2nd position with simple wordings so why not you? As our purpose to write is go make the readers understood everything easily, not to get them troubled in the dictionaries hahaha 🤣🤣🤣🤣!

Hope this post is very much important for many of the users! :) 💕
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Your really brilliance with your described! And these guide to those who are able to write awesome thread but didn't know how to manage the thread in forum. I m enough sure this very much to them! .