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Hi, cherished Windice family! I hope that everyone is progressing well!
I shall now discuss writing about the Windice Forum.
I joined Windice on October 24, 2021, after writing my first thread, which was intended to be a general start to 2023. but I often read other people's threads. However, I have not sure which topic to look into more, and the content is strong enough to win best poster of the month.
Since joining Windice, I would guess that I have witnessed the rewards given to more than twenty winners individually. Every author of an article on Windice Forum has won at least once. Their names are

chadktt, Joanlui74, letsrollandplay, meyzee, winbtc, grind29, angelic9, CharorowtzXD, TarjaPreta, SirCopperfield, unluckybolte, Tomki91, badlucking, Anniegio, Sv13rby, Dewayne, Darksmile, Yogiyamada, Jamipozcord, Alexhales595, Xolodok.

So let me explain;
Where did I start with strong content and a solid topic? Who impressed me?

I believe it's a good idea to inquire about everyone who has inspired you.
Which thread is your favorite? Which thread gave you the most insight on the right content?

Although I haven't got to know user @Tomki91 his thread has inspired me. He is an unique writer with a lot of energy, and ever since I joined, I've liked his posts. He was quite knowledgeable about current events in cryptocurrency and Windice.
Next, I like user @Winbtc
's description of the thread, which is very smooth. Third, I like and am satisfied with user @Unluckybolte's thread; he is a really nice literary person, and as long as he can explain the thread in a good way, his interview style is quite nice.
I was satisfied with these three users.
Despite my liking for each thing that user
@Sv13rby wrote regarding the Windice Summary of 2023, his efforts were truly remarkable!

The topic that gave me the greatest insight into the right content for being the month's poster! Is (All about forum)
Maybe this is also helpful to you !?
And my main points, dear writer,
to win the monthly poster competition.

Quantity doesn't matter Quality matter.
Of course, the subjects should be related to cryptocurrency, Windice, and other gambling-related subjects.

Hopefully, good wishes and many good luck come join us in windice!