The Stars


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The Stars!

"This is a Balochi (My local and my own national language) piece of writing by myself, and the English translation is done by me too. Balochi version is mentioned below the English version 👇"

"Uncle, why are the stars stayed on the same place and don't move ahead?" Small boy asked.

"Dear boy, these stars have been stopped forcefully that is the reason they cannot move." The old man replied.

"Uncle, then who has tighten them? They are too small and cannot be hold by hands."

"My boy, everywhere, a power stays that does not let another power to grow!"

"Uncle, then they are too many stars, when we children fight, the group with more members always win the fight. If they all get merged then their group will be so much powerful and win it. After that, they will be their own heads and own the sky. They can even visit complete sky freely."

The old man, after listening the thoughtful words of the young boy, looked him and smiled.

"At that time if these all different belonging stars merged together!" The old man narrated with hope!

----------------- Balochi Version------------------------

"ناکو، اے استال پرچا اُوشتاتگ انت؟ دیم ءَ پرچا نہ رؤ انت؟" گونڈل ءَ جست کت.

"ابلّی! اے استال دارگ بیتگ انت، همے سوب ءَ شت نہ کن انت." ناکو ءَ گُشاد گُشاد ءَ پسہ دات.

"ناکو گڑا اے کئے ءَ داشتگ انت، اے گونڈوکیں انت، دست ءَ اتک نہ کن انت."

"منی بچ، یک زورے هموک وهد ءَ بیت، کہ آ مدام دومی چیز ءَ نیل ایت دیمروئی ءِ هاتر ءَ."

"ناکو، گڑا اے استال باز انت. ما گونڈو وهدے مڑیں، مدام بازیں بُر جنگ ءَ کٹّیت. اے هوار بہ بنت، گڑا ایشانی بُر پُرزور بیت ءُ آسرا همے کٹ انت. پدا اے وتی واجا وت بنت ءُ سرجمیں آزمان ءَ گردِش کُت کن انت."

ناکو ءَ گونڈل چار اِت ءُ بچکند اِت.

پدا گُشتے، "هما وهد ءَ کہ اے جُتا جُتا ایں استال هم کوپگ بہ بنت!"