The polite does not take away the brave!


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This famous saying was said by Thomas Jefferson, who was president of the United States in 1804, When I was walking through the streets with an important businessman, suddenly a slave crossed them and when greeting the President, he greeted him with courtesy.​

What does the word courtesy mean?

The origin of this word goes back to the ancient courts where kings met with their officials and subjects to rule on the cases of the day. The men who behaved well in the court were called "Cortes" more than anything, this origin comes from the Middle Ages, where the courtiers were distinguished from the rest with a system of good manners, because at that time there was much lack of good manners. In short, courtesy; It is the demonstration of what a person has towards another person, it is the respect and affection that is granted.

Today this term is still valid, it serves to apply it in our lives with our loved ones and with the general public, since it looks rude to greet someone and not get the greeting back. There you see who has good manners and who does not, Being humble does not take away courage, being kind either, being empathetic with others does not detract from you, rather it adds you, you add good aspects to your life and people will see you as a more pleasant and sociable being.
I have seen how people leave you with the greeting in your mouth, But people who greet and do not return the greeting is still a person with good manners, On the other hand, the one who does not greet is a poorly educated person and leaves much to be desired in society.

Moral: be a person with good manners, good education comes from home and is reflected a lot in your actions, believing yourself more than others is a sign that something is wrong with your personality, it looks ugly and that if it takes away the brave. You never know the turns that life takes and less do you know if the person you do not greet today can save your life tomorrow.