The Invitation, 2015 by Karyn Kusama


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"The Invitation" is a psychological thriller film directed by Karyn Kusama . The movie follows Will, a man who attends a dinner party hosted by his ex-wife, Eden, and her new husband, David. As the evening progresses, Will becomes increasingly suspicious of the couple's intentions and begins to question the true nature of the gathering.

Karyn Kusama skillfully builds tension and creates a sense of unease throughout the film. The pacing is deliberate, allowing the suspense to slowly intensify as Will's paranoia grows. The atmosphere is enhanced by the claustrophobic setting of the house, which adds to the overall sense of uneasiness.
The performances in "The Invitation" are noteworthy, with Logan Marshall-Green delivering a strong and believable portrayal of Will. He effectively conveys the character's inner turmoil and increasing sense of dread. Tammy Blanchard also stands out as Eden, bringing an enigmatic and unsettling presence to the screen.


One of the film's strengths lies in its exploration of grief, loss, and the complexities of human relationships. It delves into themes of trust, redemption, and the impact of trauma on individuals. The script delves into these emotional depths, adding layers of complexity to the characters and their motivations.

"The Invitation" is not a typical horror film, but rather a slow-burning psychological thriller. It relies more on suspense and psychological tension rather than explicit scares or gore. The climax of the movie delivers a satisfying payoff, and the resolution leaves room for interpretation, allowing viewers to reflect on the events that unfolded.


Overall, "The Invitation" is a well-crafted film that effectively builds tension, features strong performances, and explores deeper themes. It is a thought-provoking psychological thriller that keeps the audience engaged and leaves them with lingering questions. Fans of suspenseful and character-driven films will likely appreciate the experience that Karyn Kusama delivers in "The Invitation."