The crazy heartbeat


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Hey hey my online family
How are you all this weekend?
Hope you are all doing fabulous.
It's been months since I've last shared some threads here and it already felt like a very very long time 😁

Anyway, just a fun crazy question for you all.
Have any of you in any chance fell for someone you only see in the internet, like here in Windice?
Having this feeling of wanting to visit that platform where you two met just to check if he/she is online, how that person is doing and what he/she's upto like every minute of everyday? You also wanted to like talk to that person almost all the time and will be very excited to see his/her replies and will be sad if there is no response from him/her? You even feel sad and jealous sometimes when you see that person enjoying his/her time talking to everyone else and is laughing with them but not much when with you.
Worst, what you are feeling is not just a simple crush or infatuation because you can no longer let go of that feeling even if you know it's ridiculous since you're both far away from each other and there are too many people near you that you can choose to fall with. And everyday you feel like getting hurt with this sadness?

So crazy right?

I know someone here in Windice who is like that. So are you too? 🤣🙈🙊

Anyways goodluck with your hearts my friends. Don't fall too much or you hurt in the end. This is internet. You know what I mean 😉😋

Lovelots WINDICE 😁