The biggest room in Windice!

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This time I will talk about the largest chat of Windice and is that in this casino we have a little bit of everything, In this case I'm talking about the chat in English, yes gentlemen! The English chat is the biggest, in my opinion! Since it can be said that people from all over the world enter using the universal language which is English, Yesterday I went to say hello for a while in that room and I could see how it has grown and how people continue to break the rules without fear of anything, a guy asking me for tips and what I told him was that you can't ask for coins because it's against the rules, to read the chat rules, It was not necessary to denounce it because in addition to the fact that the chat is very large, it should be noted that it also has a lot of surveillance and I was surprised by that; the moderators in the English room do an excellent job.

After that, another guy enters the chat speaking in Arabic, apparently it is not clear to them that the chat is only for speaking English hehe, but he is forgiven for his low level, he is practically a new user and corrected his language there I wanted to help the moderators, Where I am always helping, it is something that is born from me as you can see in the following image.​
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chat ingles.png

And well, just as there are Arabs, Chinese, Indians, Filipinos, Spaniards, Russians, among other nationalities. We can all go to the English room, it is not forbidden to go to that room or to any room, as long as you who read me, if you are a new user in Windice, know that you must use the correct language of each room.​
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The beggars on the Windice site will never end. You can admonish them or get them banned by moderators for not following the rules.

He changed from own language arabic to english. I know how to look is it. Sometimes people arabian forget change option keyboard and speak arabian on chat. Cheers!
It's that when I went to tell him he had already changed the language, I just wanted to show the message, it can happen to anyone and most of the Arabs speak English, it is something that they should be careful. But this boy is barely level 1 and it shows that he is educated because he corrected his mistake in time.