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hello dear windice family.
this post is about all the functions in text editor. hope it's useful to those who are new or haven't tried posting.

Why do we need to use this?
for me it's so boring to have a raw text and also giving style to your text is of course a point to win top posters of the month
these functions are very similar to CSS language (A Programming Language) but for giving style to your text you don't need to know anything about codes and programming.


this is post editing section top of your text.

first of all let me show you quick example of selecting a text

you see the white line? it appears after you click on a line or text or hold your finger on it.

note.. to apply the functions you have to select the text and click on the function you want.

let's start:


1.Remove Formatting : when you want to remove the style you added to the text use this. HotKey ( Ctrl + B )​
example: with Format ( salamm ) / after using Remove Formatting ( salamm )​
2.Bold : it makes your text look heavier and bigger and attracts attention. HotKey ( Ctrl + J )​
example: without Bold ( Salamm ) / With Bold ( Salamm )​
3.Italic : this makes your text look like it's falling​
example: normal ( Salamm ) / italic ( Salamm )​
4.Font size: if you clickon it you can see many different sizes and click one to change the size​
9px | 10px | 12px | 15px | 18px | 22px | 26px
5.Font Family: to see function 5 to 9 you have to click on more options ( 3 dots symbol ) to extend the bar . you can change your text to 8 different Fonts using this function.
list of fonts: Ariel - Book Antique - Courier new - Georgia - Tahoma - Times New Roman - Trebuchet MS - Verdana

6.Strike-through: just makes a line inside the selected text. Hotkey ( Ctrl + S )​
example: normal ( salamm ) / Strike-through ( salamm )​

7.Underline: just like Strike-through but makes a line under the text. HotKey ( Ctrl + U )​
example: normal ( salamm ) / Underline ( salamm )​
8.Inline Code: you remember I said it's similar to programming language? it can show the code used for a text.​
if you click on it , 2 [ICODEs] will appear. if you write a text between them and give a style to it you can see the code used for it after publishing your post or by clicking on Preview.
example: [B][I]salamm[/I][/B]

👈this is an image

as you can see . the (B) code made it Bold and (I) made it italic . but inline code is not necessary or useful at all
9.Inline Spoiler : makes the selected text blurry until you click on it​
example: normal ( salamm ) / with Inline Spoiler (salamm) click to reveal.

10.Text color: by this function you can give your text color by choosing one of them​
example: normal ( salamm ) / with Color ( salamm )​
11.HEX Color: you can't find the color you wanted? every color has a 6 digit name called HEX . you can search in google to find your color's HEX or find it in this page. for example this is Rose red color . with this Hex name (#C21E56)​
List: after you click on List function a menu with 4 option will appear​

12.Ordered list: it will make a ordered list starting with number 1 and increase after each line like this​
  1. and you have to write something . otherwise next line won't continue the list
  2. Windice
  3. Windice

13.Unordered list: just like Ordered but it has dots instead of numbers . example 👇
  • Windice
  • Windice
  • Windice

14.Indent: I call it space . if you noticed , using space in the start of a line won't make a change . but if you click this function , it will make a little empty space in start of the line​
like this ,as you can see this line has stated with space​
15.Outdent: the opposite of Indent , removes space​
Alignment: similar to list, it has 4 option . it is used for positioning the line and text .​
16.Align left

17.Align Center
18.Align right
19.Justify text: I dont know if this means correct ,it stretches the words and lines so that each line has equal width like newspaper.​

example of justify: Here you can experience exciting emotions and enjoy playing high-class casino games. Windice is exactly the place where you have a decent chance to make money while spending time with joy and pleasure. Our online platform is ready to satisfy all clients’ demands and provide them with the highest quality entertainment from renowned developers.​

without justify: Here you can experience exciting emotions and enjoy playing high-class casino games. Windice is exactly the place where you have a decent chance to make money while spending time with joy and pleasure. Our online platform is ready to satisfy all clients’ demands and provide them with the highest quality entertainment from renowned developers.​
20.Paragraph format: similar as Font size . it has 3 different sizes​
  • Heading 1 (H1)​

  • Heading 2 (H2)​

  • Heading 3 (H3)​

21.Insert link: you want the user check another page or website or thread by clicking on a text? select the text you want to be linked to another webpage and Click the Insert link.2 options will appear. if you have already selected the text just fill the URL with the page link you want . HotKey (Ctrl+K)​
example: join us here in Windice

22.Insert image: you can insert image with 3 methods. after you click on Insert Image you can see 2 parts . you can upload image from your device by clicking on Drop Image or go to " By URL (chain symbol) " and write down the picture's link if it has and it's on the internet. or if you are using a pc you can drag the image too HotKeys (Ctrl+P)​
23.Smilies: it is really fun that text editor has this option too. you can search it if you cant find it cause there are too many​
24.Media: if you want to share a video , unfortunately you can't upload video but you can share link of your video on social media . be sure the link you are using is from one of the Approved websites.​
Continues in comment section cause it's already 10000chars 😂



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25.Quote: what does it do?​
if you use it some thing like a banner will appear and you can write in it​
but it's not used like this. if you reply someone else message it will automatically put her/his message in a quote​
26.Coins: I call them Crypto Emoji. if you add to text it will look like this ,,
27.Insert table: clicking on it will appear small squares . you can make table so easily with any number of columns and rows but it can't go more than 10x10​
this is an example of 2x3 table . after you made it you can add Header ( the gray row) and add row and column any sides and remove them​

28.Horizontal line: adds a horizontal line as it's said​

like this two lines​

29.Spoiler: it is so similar to Inline spoiler but it has something like hint on it and after you click on it the hidden text will appear. but you have to add spoiler title​
30.Code: not sure about this one but it is used to share the programming codes I guess. first choose the language and then share the codes . i tested . the cods won't work but the commands will change color . that's why i think it's just for sharing the code . it's cool but not useful here
<!DOCTYPE html>

<h1>Hello windice Family</h1>


31.Bet Function: I think it is the most used function in post editor. if you use it 2 "Bet" commands will appear . get your bet id and put it between them without hashtag # and you have your bet posted with all info with it : ) like this
if you don't put any bet id in it it will appear like this Bet not found
32-33.Undo and Redo: these two are used when you had a problem or mistake in editing and doing functions . or you can use Hotkeys if you are using PC. Undo (Ctrl+Z) and Redo (Ctrl+Y)​
34.Toggle BB code: applying this mode will show you only the codes . not the changes . I suggest you to not use it.​
35.Draft: I haven't used it but I think it is for when you are in the middle of posting and you want to postpone it to later. use Save Draft for that​
36.Preview: when you are in the middle of writing you can't see the final result . unless you click preview to move you into another mode . in this mode you can see what your text and post is going to be after it's done . but you can't type and use function . to turn it off click again on Preview.​
that was all ty for reading and apologize if it's tooooo long​


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