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The most exciting hunts on Windice every week are the telegram hunts. In this hunt you have to hit a certain multiplier as often as possible in 2 hours and post a screenshot of each winning bet in the telegram channel called "WINDICE Chat". The 3 users with the most hits will win a prize in . This prize can be on top of eventual profit that users make during hunting.

In the beginning of this year there was only one telegram hunt on Windice each week alternating between dice and crash but from July this changed to 3 hunts each week! Every week there is a dice hunt on Monday, a plinko hunt on Wednesday and a crash hunt on Saturday.

At the Olympic games there always is a medal table where each country/individual is ranked based on the amount of gold, silver and bronze medals won in the different disciplines. I thought it would be fun to make a medal table for the telegram hunts in 2023 as well. I made 4 medal tables containing the medals for crash, dice, plinko and as last one with the medals for all the games combined. The below information contain all telegram hunts from 2023-01-05 (first one in 2023) until 2023-11-22 (last hunt played in 2023 on moment of posting).


A clear winner in the Crash medal table where user Letsrollandplay won more than half of all the crash hunts this year! Even a remarkable effort of user CharorowtzXD who won 26 medals in a total of 28 crash hunts.


Even in the dice hunts Letsrollandplay is the clear winner with an even higher win percentage than in the crash hunts. Dice seems to be the most popular game in the hunts because this table shows the most different users that at least won 1 medal!


In the plinko hunts we see again a clear winner but this time it's another player in the name of Sv13rby. Even he seems to have won more then half of the plinko hunts. User CharorowtzXD is doing a terrific job again with 14 medals out of 18 possible.

Last but not least I will show the total medal table where the medals of all the above hunts will be combined to see the total medals of the telegram hunts in 2023.

Place + user🥇🥈🥉
1. @letsrollandplay 3475
2. @Sv13rby 1770
3. @Mrbones 111810
4. @onipeid 782
5. @CharorowtzXD 31623
6. @BadLuckKing 037
7. @Koljascha030
7. @salamm 030
9. @Unluckybolte 015
10. @Essa123 014
11. @hamato 012
12. @Anonymous65 011
13. @Antonio4081 010
13. @LemaKrone 010
13. @Koiwdcv141 010
16. @Renato32 004
17. @goldgolden 001
17. @zahid786 001
17. @fairylean 001
17. @Unbaeten 001
17. @Shahyan123 001
17. @Nanaymo 001
17. @Veraveronika001
17. @ilona1991 001
17. @Usman787 001

The absolute telegram hunt master in 2023 is user Letsrollandplay with a total of 34 telegram hunt wins followed by Sv13rby on second place with 17 wins and Mrbones on the third place with 11 wins. Letsrollandplay won a total of 34 hunts of all 72 possible which is an amazing score! He even won the most total medals with 46, just followed by CharorowtzXD with 42 and Mrbones with 39.

Last but not least i would like to mention that a total of 25 different users won at least 1 medal in one of the 72 telegram hunts this year. Let's hope that even more users manage to gain a medal in the future!

I would like to give a special thanks to the mods @siopaw , @Bekyhig180 , @mowmow and @elsker who made it possible for the users to play all this exciting hunts! Let's hope many more exciting telegram hunts will follow!