Team vs Team Rollhunt Contest

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Team vs Team Rollhunt Contest

Windice never leaves a chance to spread fun for its users. Another source to make users more engaged with fun in the site in Team vs Team Rollhunt Contest which is held on Friday of each week! Let's explore something more realistically enjoyable within keeping our view on the discussed contest.

A total number of 24 players each week get the chance to be enrolled in the play on the basis to first come first get! I was not familiar with it until my cousin BadLuckKing briefed me about its worth and fun. A prize pool of 0.2 ltc is divided into the players with points, Apart from the ones who get top 3 position; who get wincoins too.

It creates fun when the players in thirst of getting points try to kill each others virtually. Because it is not a realtime killing, but a way to compete with each other in a formal way. The highest correct numbers will serve you the highest amount of win from those 0.2 ltc.

Furthermore, it is never over if a user is killed. He can try for the numbers fixed to get bonus. It means, the fun never ends until the contest gets over. To note, it is being held for the 113th time. Last night we could not enjoy it because of some issues of internet in system of the concerned moderator Peckatop.

We can just hope some more good events like this, Windice always plays its best for the users :) love and respect :)
looks good, this contest

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