Strange Spamming


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With arrival of a new time, a time of change in the windice. Most users are coming seem to be new ones and are in habit of a spammy culture. Chatrooms are not spamming places, keep this in mind new users, if not there is an especial reward for it! That is 'Mutecoin'; crazy mod Anonnep's favorite coin. And nowadays favorite of many mods in the chat. Because they believe this to be the only way for stopping spammers.

What is called a spam?

Spamming means to do something rapidly and repeatedly out of the context. An example can be, when it is said to chat constructively in the chat, like to have good communication. Instead of it, the users only send some of the most common words and phrases such as "Hello", "hi" and "good luck ".

Why they do it?

Because the chatters get chances in the list of rains made by windice bot that is not in anyone's hand but an automatic system justify the chatters and rewards them. In order to get more in the rains, they do spam! Mods warn but their words most of the time go above their heads as a result they get a nice, red and Beautiful "Mutecoin".

What can be not called a spam?

To get saved from spam, do one thing, in most important, chat as you chat with your friends out of the electronic world or with your favorite person within the electronic world. There you won't spam only (Hi or hello) but have a better selection of words to continue a good conversation. It makes you able for rains, and rewards from the mods. Because a good chatter is loved by every mod and the bot too!

Let's hope for a better chatroom and be the part of the family with good talks!

Good luck spammers for getting changed to a good chatter!