Story: Unknown guilt


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Unknown guilt

"What was happening around? Why my feet are speaking? And why those hands are crying? Do they wanna talk? Or just want to cry and speak!" Unknownboy spoke to himself. He was facing some mental issues. Everyone just said the same statement, "He was deserved it because of his guilt." I could find no moving hands in support of it! Neither the elders, nor the head of the society wanted to know what has actually happened to him! All believed the same as mentioned. Reason, the head thought it to be the reality, while reality hides behind a veil that everyone was wearing.

A kind visitor visited him and asked,"Unknownboy! What has actually happened to you?"
He stretched his head hard and with crying eyes, those tearless, said,
"I was moving, I reached near my elder's house, they offered a glass of water, don't know willingly or unknowingly, I was ready to receive that! But what happened I keep no idea! The mind of the elder changed, the glass turned towards invisibility, and neither of my plea was observed. All that I got, ignorance, disturbance, mental illness and self-torture. Yet blamed of being innocent, yet said to be the accused, even did nothing wrong! No one asked me what has happened, no one inquired, neither the elder who turned the glass, nor other elders who to whom I could justify myself! All was in darkness and illusive mindsets were, approximately, made!" He stopped, cried and Asif died in himself for a while and uttered,"the words have flew too far, as far as I could not think of, without even asking was that true, true if an elder was not the supposed accused! True if the reality was not imagined wrong and assumptions were not made falsely!" And again he fell into deep cries.

His words were emphasizing how misjudged he was. He was guilty or not was yet an illusion! Could have been resolved if asked well! Or the life of him just run as like it is running! The weaker is always the weaker untill a stronger stands by him! His simplicity was judged according to the mindset they had. He was a little more sensitive to himself, could not spoke too much while feeling hurt 🤕 and when spoke people thought he is full of angers, a bad person, and so on. On the other hand, he was in fear, fear of wrong interpretation, fear of knowing no one values the simple ones, but accept its opposite! And then he was in pain until he got forever, kicked out from the village :(