Story: Unforgettable celebration of Teacher's Day


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Unforgettable Celebration of Teachers Day

"Why the teachers are not being respected?" Ali thought late at night who was about to ask this question to his parents, but he had not wanted to disturb his parents about this question. As he slept, but still was thinking about the question.
When Ali woke up early in the morning and directly he went to his parents to ask that question which was disturbing him a lot. He reached near his parents who were sitting in the sofa, he continued,
"Mon, Dad! May I ask you a question?"
"Of course dear, why not." The parents replied.
My beloved parents, may I know why the teachers are not being respected in our society?" Ali asked gently.
At first, his parents became flabbergasted that why did he ask this type of question and directly started asking Ali "Why should they be respected dear?"
Ali replied,"Because they have granted several sacrifices for us."
"No, never dear! They have done this work for money, because of teaching you, they will get money." The parents relied. Ali became completely silent and went from there.
The last sentence kept moving around his mind. He wondered what to do now for making the people aware and realize about sacrifices of teachers.
He had a friend named, Jamal. When Jamal saw Ali, who looked very upset, he directly came and asked,"What happened dear?"
Ali replied, "Jamal, can I ask you a question?"
"Yes, my chum, you can." He replied.
Ali continued, "why teachers are not being respected in our society?"
"Because no one knows that they are the most respective people in this world, but all individuals guess themselves the most valuable person. In fact, teachers are role-models of the students who always stay for supporting us. Because of them, everyone's future is automatically being brighter. The main reason is salary who get less salary than others, like engineers, doctors and many more. Actually, they deserve more than others, because under every successful person, there is the hand of the teachers. Every doctors, engineers and etc were once students of the teachers."
Jamal convinced him wonderfully. After the answer, Ali was too happy. He went to his parents again and said, "Mom, Dad! I have found the actual answer of the question."
His parents replied shockingly, "Oh, really? Then can you share it with us?"
"Okay Mom and Dad listen attentively! There is a big reason of it, that is salary, teachers get less salary than others, like engineers, doctors, scientists and many more. No one has thought that these doctors, engineers and scientists became successful and came on this stage due to teachers after their sacrifices. But unfortunately, in our society those are valuable, who have got higher position, but those are not respected under whom efforts such individuals exist today."
His answer made the parents ashamed for their misunderstanding. Ali requested his parents to have a celebration party for the Teachers' Day on 5th of October with inviting all teachers of the society. His parents were too happy, because Ali was a young boy who had thought to give special gifts to his teachers. Ali and Jamal called all teachers
attending the party, especially for Teacher's Day celebration. All teachers have attended and thanked Ali for giving them respect in the society, and making the 5th of October as a remarkable and unforgettable day to be remember forever.