Story: The Empty Path!


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The empty path

"Hey Meeras, where are you moving to?" He asked. His voice trembled because he feared if I'm to go forever.
"Just trying to follow the way. I don't know myself that where would it take me!" Balach replied after passing a smile to his friend. Balach had never been in touch with crowds. He just lived within his own circles of same aged and minded people. Upon he got hurt because of his friends actions however, could never exist without their accompanies too.
"Balach, I think you must not move there, it seems a dark path without any destiny." Hammal threw his words after feeling a little uncomfortable for a moment. He thought may something wrong is to happen!
"Hammal, this is the way! Seems dark but holds a bright destination. It is not as much empty as much it seems to be. Its followers are, at the end, always superior to the rest and are immortals!" Balach answered with proud. And he moved towards the empty