Story: Soul of Loneliness


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Soul of Loneliness

"I have travel through thousands of hearts, and yet the footsteps of loneliness surround me every second thereafter I try breathing enough; the breath of solitude." I say to myself. That everyone shall have known the absence of everything. I gaze at the stars, then turn my eyes towards the land, the land of beauty that I call, we call, you call and everyone else calls it out! Everything just speaks to me the bitter availability of loneliness! I do not oppose it neither do I favor it! But I eagerly adore it and often adversely push it afar, too far that its shadow hates me afterwards!
"Who does say you that the shadow of everything invisible is around you? I'm with you, everytime I hugged you, everytime you needed me I showered you with love, emotions, encouragement and.....!" The sound travels from back, I turn myself wholly in terror, what exists? Nothing, but the loneliest moment that I proverse!
"Excuse me! I don't know whosever you are! Just tell me! Just tell me something! Do you follow my steps towards the eternal life?" I stand kingly and take heavy breathings as if I conquer the land of beauty! Nothing speaks later on until a minute long like an hour that feels while lonely!
"That is the departure I have no hands to stop!" The unknown thing surrendered! He surrendered to early, I defeat the thing invisible with my words that I hardly take out, indeed, when needed! And do speak when the loneliness is filled with the similar soul I have! Wait a while! Why does not it move feet to feet with me towards the eternal life? Does it fear to die? Why? Death is fixed, everyone dies! Why not he? Or whatsoever the sound was of!
"Don't force your mind to get more tired! I'm the soul you have that does not cross those lines towards eternal life! I'm that lonely one for the years after you leave me here! I'm that worst being that is with you till you breath and part somewhere unknown whenever you stop breathing! Yep, I'm the soul of loneliness!" It showered me with its tear, totally tasteless! I lost my pride, my conquered self! I lost its existence and it! I lost and I lost!
For me, when I have nothing to do, I feel always loneness :)

At that time, I change my mood and I try to do something work such as I dedicate my mind on there .. :)

Sometimes, listening Dhamma Talks or listening songs such as :)