Story: Myself, in My Own World!


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Myself, in My Own World!

Shiny stars hid themselves behind dark clouds, and the moon staring at me, upset of the moments, looked my surroundings and cried. I was lonely, on the peak of mountains, lied on long and scary grasses, yet there was sympathetic glances of those grasses towards me. A star alighted, moved away from the rest like a soul departing from its bodily existence.
"Why does the star break?" Someone questioned, laying aside me, a dark shadow of remembrances.
"It is tired of looking for itself among others." I replied while having a long pause of, often, decades.
"Why does not it search itself within it. Every true being of one's lies within one." The shadow expressed in hurry, seemed like trying to escape from the world—I live!
"Huh.. That counts as an answer of your previous question." I told and.

"Do you need somebody to accompany you?"
"Oh, why so?"
"Everyone meets when I'm in my own world and tear it apart, tear my lonely self, destroy it and then step out of my world! I find peace when I'm what I'm at the moment! I did try for worldly joys, but not the world again! I'm who I really am without others, I was I really was with people till the black dot recognized its only value!" I closed my eyes! And when reopened them I found myself, still laying on the grasses, this time hugged by them and the moon smiling! The shadow disappeared and it never returned!