Story: Lonely in a crowded world!


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Lonely in a crowded world!


Overall the class, from front till the back, was filled, in groupings, by my classmates. Everyone was sitting with a different psyche and I heard distinct thoughts from everyone who my eyes caught.

I, sitting nearby two of my friends, observed them talking a vague language which they could only understand and anyone sitting as a third character would never be able to comprehend.
One said, "Those with same surname but with different passions."
The second one, shaping one eye smaller and the other bigger, questioned in confusion, "Who?"
"That one!"
"That who sings?"
"Yes! Yes! And the second whose seems to be relative of him, but actually not!"
"Oh yeah, now I got your talk."

Both of them laughed high "Ha ha Ha" and raised their hands in the air for a "Hi Five".

In this duration, I was just wondering, if I had known their, probably, funny talks so the 3rd hand was mine raised with theirs in air.

Two of my classmates were sitting just behind me. One of them had played a love song and the other seemed to fall into the lyrics of song just in the next moment. On some lines, both tried singing in collaboration to the singer's vocals and unfortunately failed.

My eyes fell on the mates sitting just the front. Both of them were wearing earphones 🎧. One of them was deeply fallen in the songs, he listened, mostly English songs which just pass my head everytime I try to put them forcefully in it! The other was not only listening songs. Albeit, he was rectifying the mistakes he did in his newly crafted short story. I observed, he is the only one too much serious with his field! I don't say that others are burdens on literature, but I could not feel anything worth-artistic creations with words.

Suddenly, my eyes turned to a classmate, sitting near a window, too calm. He was experiencing the beauty visible from the other window and was almost lost in it. I glared at him for 5 minutes and I found no movement of him!

"You have narrated so many stories of your classmates, but you did not bother your lips mention your activities! What were u doing then in-between?" My friend, to whom I was narrating a short periodic activity of my classmates, turned the chat towards me!

I did not know what shall I express as I was feeling lonely, like a broken star in sky, in-between my classmates! Sometimes I thought to share a story to the mates speaking their words secretly, and the very second moment I realized they were lost, too far, in their own world, so they might not consider my words. I cannot claim anything vaguely, I even tried for it twice, even involved myself in their laughter and was left, at the end, unnoticed. They were flexible with those of their own groupings only. That is why, I failed in having a talk with them!

Those busy with songs had lost their consciousness too far. One of them had already started departing from me, I do not know why! And the second was like me, he loved writing stories. In this loneliness I must had approached him, but he was totally busy with finding errors in his recent work, so I wanted him not to be bothered!

The one sitting near the window was embracing the beauty of recently grown flowers 🌹 so leaving him in his own happiness was a better choice for me!

Being lonely, between my own classmates, was one of the hardest moments. My thoughts wandered different corner of the world and at the end, after getting fed up, they killed their beings!

The only option was to snatch my friend's concentrations which was difficult enough! I spoke the best lie, "One of my friends called me from outside and asked for some help in administration section! So I went with him without narrating anything. That is why I have nothing sharable for myself