Story: Listen to your enders


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Listen to your elders

Once i was ten years old and living in a small city, I was very naughty. I did not like reading at all. I committed numerous blunders when I was in school. It was because I had naughty friends who always encouraged me to show more naughtiness.
When i was in school with my friends, Shahmeer and Adnan, then we three planned to bunk-off the school since we did not do the homework on that day.
That day we thought it would be our first and last time, but it converted into our habitual activity: then everyday we continued the same. It went in our favor for the first two weeks and we did not attend the classes.

But one day when we jumped from school and went to bazaar, my mother beheld me. I became ashamed looking at her. She did not say anything and tacitly went back. I thought of the reactions of my father thereafter if mom informed him. He would have punished me for this stupidity.
But, when I entered at home, mom was already waiting for me. I was too silent with my head down.
Mom questioned me, “Why were you wandering outside of the school during the class time?”

I replied, “I had a small piece of work at bazaar, that’s why I went out.”
“I know you didn’t have any work and you jumped from the school so it must be your first and last mistake.” She scolded me firmly.
Thankfully, mom had not told dad about it. I was too naughty and did not focus on mom’s soft piece of advice.

My friends said, “We will not do it again.”
Then I asked them,” Will you do homework?”

They thought of homework and the next day once again we repeated the same routine. Since it became the daily activity of ours. We were unaware of the play of the time and kept wasting it.

So, one day an unpredictable accident happened with us and I can never ever forget that: even till date. On Friday morning when we jumped from the school and planned to go to a ride bike.
I took the bike and rode it. I was riding the bike too fast. Firstly, I had the full control over it, but unfortunately, I lost the control and we three met with a tragic accident. When I opened my eyes, I was in hospital and had some casualties. But from my other two friends Adnan had lost his one leg and Shahmeer his one eye. So I was too disturbed and always thought for my friends’ tough conditions for which I was responsible.

Till today, whenever I think of it, my tears fall from my eyes on my shirt, because this all happened due to me. Only if I had listened to my mom’s advice that day, everything would have been so different.

Therefore, I ask every reader to carefully listen to the words of elders which are only for our benefits. Or else, you will be regretting same as I am.