Story: First and last incomplete meetup!


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First and last incomplete meetup

Holding a world of sadness on my shoulders, I was just like crawling as a baby to move forward! Tears falling from the trees are simplified version of myself as whole, though the eyes wet, but teary insider! Was broken deeply, from everyone, I just received the response of authority under whom all were living! Not an individual was supported at the moment. All just knew, it is under a power, the power can do anything to us, as a results, their mouths were chained and locked.

My painful eyes turned towards the eternal light. The light was the hope, the hope for a better tomorrow and a consolable power to the mind. It revealed the unjust of many in just seconds and told me to keep the way forward! Nothing has built fo stop you. And that was all, the girl moved! My power moved, she just met me for 10 minutes and the duration is always running. I feel her around and her words, "You are actually you, and everything is just around, find the best and move on."

May the time let us meet again, may the world be fair to you 💖